# Important Pricing Announcement

This is about an update on Delivery Price, Free Delivery Threshold, and Plus Membership Price.

With desertcart’s international launch earlier this year, we’ve had tremendous feedback from our beloved existing customers and many new ones all over the world for our products.

We have learned a lot about what customers wanted more of – better delivery estimates, an easy-to-use website and app, more expedited deliveries, and of course, lower prices.

In order to fulfill customer expectations, we’ve taken a hard look at our current pricing methods for shipping and those of our desertcart Plus Members – taking into considerations a better understanding of the global market and external factors such as shipping prices from our logistics partners.

We have always had a simple goal: Give our customers a hassle-free global shopping experience. This means an all-inclusive product price that contains everything such as any fees due to logistics, duties and/or taxes. We believe that our products and services should be simple to use and understand, and it’s up to us to figure out the complexities that may arise.

We would like to avoid surprising customers with exorbitant shipping fees presented at checkout which seems to be the norm. Instead, we have a simple shipping fee on all orders and will continue to do so. And if the order total is higher than a certain threshold, we will offer FREE SHIPPING as a token of our gratitude to customers for their high value purchase. For our Plus Members, FREE SHIPPING is a default on all orders, regardless of the order quantity, price, or delivery location.

However, after analyzing data from the last few months, and with the recent international shipping hikes from our logistics partners, we have had to implement certain changes. After a careful review of the numbers, we’ve revised a more sustainable pricing model that is effective in all countries. As we move forward and build further efficient logistics networks around the world, our hope is to slash these numbers drastically with time.

Unfortunately, for a lot of countries, our prices will be increased for shipping. In return, customers will notice that the price for millions of items will be lower than before. Some countries will see no change (UAE) or a lowering in cost (Kuwait, Hong Kong etc.) due to better prices we’ve been able to negotiate with the carriers. You can see the full list on the bottom of the page.

Note for existing Plus members: Existing Plus member prices will not be changed. It will be renewed at subscribed prices (or the new price, whichever is lower) until the subscription is cancelled.

The Future

While these are updated shipping prices, they are by no means final. We will continue to reduce the prices for our customers and simultaneously aim to fulfill deliveries as fast as possible. We will keep our customers informed on any future reductions to our shipping costs or Plus Memberships (and of course any existing Plus Members will get our future reduced prices).

The new pricing also means that we can further invest in our logistics infrastructure and be able to more efficiently ship internationally products that are/may be classified as dangerous goods (perfumes, batteries etc.), heavy products, perishable and fragile items (glass / cookware etc.)

We will also be able to provide Plus Members with more deals than ever before during 2021. Stay tuned for expedited deliveries in more countries, exclusive new offers, partnerships and much more.

New Shipping Prices:

Free shipping will be available when your order total is 10 times the shipping amount (i.e. – if you order 27,000 Lek from Albania, then shipping is free.)

Updated Shipping Prices
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Pricing for Plus Membership:

6 month members will get a 33% discount from the monthly prices.

12 month memberships will get a 45% discount from the monthly prices.

Pricing for Plus Membership
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