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A ship in the desert, the camel connected the world.

It is also the soul of the region. It is also, the very first  Desertcart.


The clock strikes 3:30 am. A small working desk is strewn with cheap coffee sachets and pockmarked with cup stains. A bunch of guys sit huddled around a laptop staring at it with tiring eyes. The room is silent apart from the heavy sighs let out occasionally. The tension in the atmosphere is palpable.

We are live, a voice barely whispers. Desertcart is live.

The year was 2014.

This is our story. The beginning, the present, told to you, our customer. No boring about us page or carefully constructed paragraphs. No corporate frills or barriers. Just you and us, sharing a hot cup of coffee with a healthy slice of lemon cheesecake overlooking the deep blue sea.